This design shows my capabilities of transforming data from an excel spreadsheet into a visual representation. From this project, I learned how to use Illustrator graphs and how to select the best type of graph to use for any given set of data. I also adhered to brand style guidelines and created my own copy for this design.

Project Brief: Design an 11x17" infographic (using the data provided in the excel spreadsheets) to show a comparison of different demographic groups and their usage of social media. TechCrowd’s target audience is men and women ages 28-45, who also have an interest in technology and business, as noted in the brand style guide. 
I followed TechCrowd’s brand style guide closely to effectively present the information in a way that best represents the company. I used the sans serif font “Aileron” (as used in the brand style guide) for much of my copy text. The artifact communicates a lot of information on one page but is organized in a way that is understandable to the reader and does not come across as overwhelming. The separation of information comes from the different colored blocks of each topic. I feature one image beneath (what I personally think is) the most interesting graph of information: social media usage between men and women. Incorporating an image of people in a natural setting makes the design human-centered—readers are offered a visual that displays interaction with technology, which is deemed as being more relatable. I think that the image also breaks up the very flat composition overall. I juxtaposed the graphs and their respective explanations to balance the visual weight of the overall design.

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