This was one of the first logo projects I had been given, and I had the privilege of creating this logo for the Naval Information Warfare Center’s (NIWC Atlantic) Palmetto Cybersecurity Summer Camp–an annual event hosted by the NIWC Atlantic to teach the youth about coding, web design, robotics, radio communications, and more.
The goal of this project was to create a logo that represented the company well, but still had to attract the youth. This logo utilizes a bubbly, hand-written font that exudes a fun and welcoming feeling at first glance. I chose green and blue for the logo since this was projected to be a predominantly boy audience event–the Palmetto Cybersecurity Summer Camp hosts STEM camps for girls only, so it was likely girls would sign up for the girl STEM event than this one. The binary palmetto tree concept was part of the feedback from the NIWC Atlantic’s marketing department, following the initial logo draft.
The logo was finalized just before the COVID-19 pandemic swept the country, resulting in the summer camp turning into a virtual event. The logo went towards a great cause for the youth and was printed onto t-shirts and bags for the participants of the event. In addition, this logo concept was so highly favored, that it was used for the 2021 event as well!
Click here to see how camp instructors used the logo for marketing!

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