This is a brand style guide that I created for the social media company, Blaze. I was given a design brief detailing the history of the company, the target audience, the intended perception of the brand, and the mission and vision. The target audience of Blaze is adults ages 42-57. For this project to be effective, I had to create a combination logo (consisting of a wordmark and a symbol) based on the target audience’s preferences and other social media competitors.

Project Brief: Design a logo based on the provided company overview. Decide on the best typography and color palette to use for the brand. Then, create a digital style guide entailing the typography, color palette, and guidelines for logo placement and usage.
The idea of the logo was most inspired by the intended perception of Blaze. According to the CEO of the company, Blaze should exude a sense of “quirkiness and informality”. The logo features a sans serif font to appeal to the target audience’s need for simplicity, but I’ve combined lowercase and uppercase letters to play into the quirky aspect of the brand. The triangle symbol reflects the brand’s intent for users to network on the platform. It represents a network—whereas two people spark a conversation, a crowd of three sparks dialogue. The triangle is also hidden in the logo between the Z and E.

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