Project Brief: Design an 8-page magazine (with your theme of choice) to be printed and saddle-stitched. The magazine must contain:
- at least three articles relative to chosen magazine content (title, byline, pull-quote, and lead paragraph for each)
- at least 8 images
- a masthead and an editor's letter
- a table of contents page
- a running header and footer with page numbers
- a sidebar
- an advertisement relative to magazine content
This magazine was meant for me to apply my InDesign skills to a small, printed publication. My magazine revolves around the beauty industry because it’s the industry I’m most knowledgeable in, and one that interests me most. Beautaza is a name I thought of myself. Many magazines in the beauty industry have one-word titles (Allure, Glamour, Vogue, Essence), and I wanted my magazine to fit in with its competitors. Additionally, the cover photo I chose of this beautiful model helps the reader to immediately recognize this is a beauty magazine.

With this project, I practiced the use of grids, page layout and design, and type formatting within a publication intended for printing. Additionally, I got hands-on experience with machinery to cut and saddle-stitch bind the pages. The inner pages show different artistic techniques used in magazines such as a pull quote, element overlapping, and a sidebar article, etc. Because this project was intended for print, additional steps were taken into consideration (i.e. increasing the resolution of images to 300ppi, ensuring bleed and crop marks, working in CMYK). Beautaza magazine could confidently stand on a shelf with its competitors in the beauty magazine industry and fit right in.

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